Welcome to the future!

The future is always in motion. A futurist mind can predict it, anticipate it, and – not least, create it.
In Future Navigator it is our finest task to give you the tools to anticipate, predict, and create the future – not alone, but together with your colleagues and other good people.

The goal is to qualify your ability and foundation to create new meaningful concepts, services, and products. In short – using the future as a springboard for your strategy, leadership and innovation – today.

The world’s problems tell us one thing: We can’t solve them alone. The problems demand of us to learn to collaborate in new ways and to play after the rules of the future! The future is a game where everybody can win without anybody loosing (instead of playing after the rules of the past, where there is always a looser. Just think of the game Monopoly).

Facilitated by

Louise Fredbo Nielsen, Futurist

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Videos about our jobs in the future

and how robots will influence the way we work

Humans need not apply

Video: Fremtiden med big data, robotter og automatisering

The robots are coming…


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