International women’s day 2020: What has to change?

How did you spend your international women’s day 2020? What changes would you like to see for women and girls in your lifetime?

“Right now only 5.7% of Danish top executives are female. My guess is other ethnicities account for a fraction. Both men and women need to put change in motion on inequality as well as lack of diversity and inclusion.” 

Aram Ostadian-Binai.

Global Mentoring Walk is a flagship event created by Vital Voices. An organization founded in 1997 by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. It’s based on the desire to support other women’s “global voice” professionally, legally and politically.

Through Vital Voices’ Global Mentoring Walk, mentors and mentees come together to walk in their communities. To share challenges and solutions. And to form supportive bonds that foster growth, confidence and leadership.

Listen to someone you never dreamt of talking to

Futurist and founder of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngso gave a speech on the international women’s day 2020. She spoke about how important it is to get feedback from those who we actually can’t stand. They might be able to give us the last piece of the puzzle that we haven’t been able to complete. The future is already out there. Therefore, we have to train our ability to spot it. And not by doing Google searches. But by surrounding ourselves with work fields and people whose priorities and perspectives are completely different from our own.

Future Navigator were so provoked by an engineer who said that it was really easy to cheat in our boardgame, “Typical”. I mean, who decides to enter a game, just to sit and cheat!? But that provocation actually ended up becoming literally a game changer for the way we ended up designing the “engine”.  The result was a much better and smarter game with rules that made it impossible to bluff and lots of incentives to do your best.


What types of people would you benefit from listening to? Who really pisses you off?


Film maker: Maiken Kestner. Production: Inspire Film by Josefine Volqvartz


Thanks to cphmentoringwalk team for this important initiative

Anne Sofie Josephsen.

Ann Randrup.

Diana Grimberg.

Ritanshu Kashyap.

For fellow speakers who shared concrete tools to make the right change happen

Bente Dalsbæk.

Marie-Louise Rahbek.

Marianne Dahl.

Heidi Boye.

Eva Riedel.

Lone Bløcher Kjøge.

Astrid Haug.

Hanne Leth Andersen.

Liselotte Lyngso.

Charline Charli Skovgaard.

Photographer: Maiken Kestner.